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Are you a First Time Buyer or someone who hasn’t bought or sold property in a few years?  You’re in luck.  Our updated copy of Homeborrowship is FREE and ready for download or online viewing.  It has tons of great info and helpful hints.

Homeborrowship 2019


Are you a First Time HGTV wannabe Flipper that needs some guidance?  You’re in LUCK.  This quick guide will get you through your first thoughts and failures.

Go FLIP Yourself


Are you a homeowner who is struggling financial and near foreclosure?  Are you a homeowner who is thinking about giving your home back to the bank?  WAIT….you’ll want to read this online book.  It’s all about exploring your financial options when it comes to pre-foreclosures, short sales, and loan modifications.  It will truly be a guide to saving your sanity and informing you of your rights and your lenders rights.

Short Sales Short This – A Guide To Sanity

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